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This is Beirut is designed to give voice to the millions of Lebanese who are suffering while the world sits silently. We are not interested in propagating hatred. We want the world to witness through the eyes of Lebanese citizens the destruction and the suffering that has been brought on in the name of defense. If you have a story, poem or letter to share, please email We will work together to end this violence.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Minutes before cease-fire goes into effect, Israel pounds Beirut

The US media has consistently referred to the war between Hizbollah and Israel and now the cease fire between Lebanon and Israel. The discourse suggests there were two armies of equal strength battling but Lebanon has never actually been at war with Israel. Now cease fire, so we can all breath a little bit easier, but who will be held responsible for the devastation of Lebanon. And minutes before the cease fire goes into effect, Israel continues their offensive. What does this say about the possibility of a lasting peace? Even those who supported the Israeli position must recognize the nature of these last minute attacks as working against the interests of a substainable peace.
(AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev)


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