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Saturday, August 05, 2006

War diaries, day 25

Dear World

August 5th, Day 25

In Arabic, the word 'garden' literally means 'little heaven'. Heaven, maybe because it is a source of life. Whatever is planted there, it is simply wonderful to see it grow and take form, and no one can deny the beauty of seeing a flower blossom or a fruit ripen, all by themselves, without a direct intervention of men's hands.

Lately, one of my mother's war-time hobbies is gardening. The latest planted item was a baby tomato mini-tree, of which I get detailed updates everyday. Today, the flowers blossomed, and my mum was happy. No matter how messy things get out there, it is always, it is nice to have a little heaven in a 10cm diameter pot on your balcony.

Yesterday, a slightly bigger heaven witnessed a massacre. 30 farmers killed. Simple people. People who, according to a friend, 'simply pluck the fruits from the trees and store them is boxes and baskets'. They are not great thinkers or great businessmen. We might think they are not doing much, but they are the people whose hands bring fruits to our table everyday.

A man, a tree, a fruit… Simple life taking form. Then a bomb drops somewhere and transforms it into a display of flesh, blood, death. They really work on the romance of their massacres.

Fruits will never taste the same again.

I dropped my anger, and I am glad I did. It is with great consternation that I watch this masquerade go on, wrapped up with idiotic ideologies and surreal statements.

With Love,

A Lebanese Citizen.


At 9:10 PM, Blogger Amalee Issa said...

we may be simple people, we gardeners and farmers, we guardians of our little bit of heaven; but it is by the determination of our minds and our hands that gardens continue to flourish, especially in a war zone. For gardening, at its core, is the physical demonstration of hope for the future.


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