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Friday, August 11, 2006

UK US airlines terror plot disrupted,

Of course in the first place we should be happy that in the end
nothing has happened.
If the apparently planned attacks would have succeeded a huge loss of
lives would have occurred, and enormous consequences perhaps.

Yet there SHOULD be enormous consequences.
And I mean not in the sense of more terror alert, that will happen
I mean this should be another indication for world governments to
think once more.

The supposed terror plot was aiming at airliners between the UK and
the US.
Two countries highly responsible for the turmoil in the Middle-East,
for the invasion of Iraq on false grounds, and for the delay on
effective stances regarding Palestine and Lebanon versus Israel, if
not in secret partnering with Israel on a delay of UN action to
enable Israel to protrude deeply into Lebanon and Gaza.

So in the eyes of many the UK and the US are highly responsible for
evil in the world, and if the UK and the US boast to be so democratic
this means their civilian populations are highly responsible.

As collective punishment is apparently the rule in the approach of
the West (in Iraq, in Palestine, in Lebanon - ven if one names it
‘collateral damage’, which is mainly an euphemism), a desire for
collective punishment the other way around should not completely
One just cannot blame the people who see their world attacked this
way for thinking so.

And even if you would disagree you will have to live with the fact
that apparently the impression is given and people who see their
world under threat think so.
It does not help to want them to think otherwise, unless you can
convince them, and nobody is doing that.
We will have to live with this reality and think and act accordingly
and make our chosen politicians act accordingly.

Even the fact that two days ago a relatively new wind seemed to start
to blow in Connecticut, ousting the vile Liebermann in the Democrat
party (see the video on the biasedness of the US, in which Liebermann
figured often, on the wrong side), is not that positive, as the issue
was the US soldier victims in Iraq rather than the Iraqi victims,
about whom no leading politician cares.

Let us be happy that today only the terror effect prevails and that
in the planes there were no losses of lives, while in Iraq, Lebanon
and Iraq the loss of lives however just continues steadily.
What can be feared most now is that the Western rulers and their
puppets at the media will, irresponsible as they have proven to be
until now, see this as an excuse even to dig deeper into the
‘shit’ (to paraphrase Bush) théy create in the Middle-East.



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