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Monday, July 31, 2006

War Diaries- Day 19

Dear World

July 30, Day 19


Do I need to number the deceased? Do I need to number the children?

I woke up this morning to the sounds of screaming, crying and despair emanating from the television. No, sorry. Not from the television, from people; I am starting to confuse both already.

Then I saw.

I saw rubble, plenty of rubble.

I saw few families running away, screaming "There are children! Women! Elderly!"

I saw women crying. Men crying.

I saw traumatized faces of children wanting to understand.

Those were the living ones.

Then I saw the dead.

People drowned in a sea of broken concrete.

Children lying on their backs, dead.

Children lying on their tummies, dead.

Tiny dead children's fingers and toes emanating from the ruins.

Grey bodies and torn clothes.

Men holding little girls' bodies and saying to the camera, in an outburst of sadness and anger "did you film this?"

Did you watch this?

I hope you didn't, at least you will get to sleep tonight.

I hope you did, because it happened. Ruthlessely.

To the children of Qana, I am sorry.

I am sorry you didn't wake up this morning.

I am sorry your last moments of life were lived in fear, anger and despair.

I am sorry you weren't given the chance to grow.

I am sorry your mothers didn't watch you grow.

I am sorry you lived and died in a world ruled by ruthless idiots.

I am sorry you lived and died in a world where bombs are more valued than human life.

I am sorry your tiny hands had no pulse in them.

I am sorry your tiny bodies ended up being wrapped in nylon and labeled just like another supermarket product.

I am sorry you will see the world no more.

I am sorry my calls are not efficient enough.

Condoleeza Rays is also sorry, by the way. Israel is sorry too because their high-tech observation devices did not allow them to 'know' you were hiding there. The bomb that fell over your heads is also sorry.

Send more bombs, destroy more homes, kill more people.

Then, apologize. That will work.

To the 37 children of Qana, I am sorry.

To all the children of Lebanon, I am sorry you had to know anger at such a young age.

Over 700 victims already. Olmert asked Rays for 10 to 15 more days, enough to murder, proportionally (although there's nothing proportional here, but we still have hopes), 350 more people.

Dear Bush, Rays, Blair, Olmert and associates. Take your time. Drink your coffee in the morning with a clear conscience. There's no need to rush, really.

We will be waiting for you to make up your mind. You don't even have to worry about apologizing afterwards, we heard enough "sorry"s so far.

Who can blame unconsciousness anyways?


A grieving Lebanese Citizen


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