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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War Diaries- Day 14

Dear World

July 25th, 14th day of war.

It is weird how war gets imprinted in every one of your senses.

I started developing taste for what I call war-food. Things I never ate before. Things I will never eat after because they will be carrying the bitterness of the moment in them. Among these foods are baked chips, roasted chickpeas, Ghandour 555 biscuits, bottled juice.

Today, a friend was mentioning how we got used to the constant buzzing of the Israeli planes in our ears. Besides this sound, hearing ambulances sirens every 10 minutes has become yet another routine. The sky lost its color, weather forecast lost its meaning because anyways, we stopped seeing the sun. A constant smell of smoke and burning prevails in our noses.

Bint Jbeil fell in the hands of the Israelis today. It is sad to watch your country burn on television.

The sound is becoming louder and louder whenever they bomb the southern suburbs. It seems they are trying a new brand of explosives. Neomania? Desastromania?

Politicians are still talking on television. On the bottom of the screen, the red cross announces its inability to reach Rmeich, one of the surrounded villages that need urgent help. And the world keeps watching.

Two weeks now, war has shifted from being a big boom in our lives to becoming a daily routine. A daily sitcom we follow up in disbelief on television. Big booms stopped dragging us towards the television. After jumping from our chairs, we immediately guess the source of the boom depending on its provenance and intensity. "Suburbs, again". Or: "No! it's not a bomb! Just a truck passing on a bumper!"

I promised myself I will not look back. It is pointless and painful. I promised myself I will not become numb. It is against the principle of life itself. My senses might be getting used to all this, my being will never be.

I just hope that this war is an opportunity for everyone to see what a mess we have made out of this world. How nothing makes sense. Maybe politically it does, but in terms of human life, it is absolute madness.

I started to develop war syndrome. I jump over my seat every time I hear a door slam. My deep respects to Israelis who care so much about over-developing our reflexes, it will sure be a great benefit for the future!


A Jumpy Lebanese Citizen


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