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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

War Diaries- Day 13

Another entry from our dear friend Maya

Dear World

July 24th, 13th (or should I say 12th bis, to avoid bad luck?) day of war.

The number of deceased civilians reached 381 this morning.

Over 4000 air strikes

I just went out and looked at the sky. For the first time in 12 bis days, it was starting to clear. But this time, I couldn't really know whether the clouds were clouds, or simply some explosion's smoke coming from one extremity of the city, whether the stars were stars, or simply the careful lights of Israeli high-tech war planes.

On the television, Marcel Ghanem is interviewing a politician, and regularly receiving questions from observers via telephone, each one giving his private and precious opinion about the whole situation. If we were given a cent for every word spoken, all of the humanitarian problems in Lebanon would be solved by now. Too many opinions… Enough to drive you mad in a space of a month. On the bottom of the screen, the announcements band says "Israeli aircrafts bomb once again the southern suburbs." Now I am 100% sure that these planes are not driven by human beings. No matter how stupid he is, any human being would have known by now that there's nothing left to bomb in the southern suburbs. Who knows? Maybe miniature missiles are hidden somewhere in the powdered neighborhoods…

Today, Condoleeza-The Great paid us a small visit. Shiny teeth, sleek hair, impeccable suit. Some hands shaking, few polite smiles, lots of talking (of which we hear none. We only see moving mouths on television), plenty of cameras flashing. I really don't know how photographing Ryce one million times can help us solve the chaos we are in. I am assuming that plenty of these photos are targeted to go in a "World's Most Elegant Female Figures". Thank God we are in the digital technology era, film waste is the last thing we can afford right now.

Today, Israeli aircrafts bombed a motorcycle and killed its driver. It is such an admirable strategy, using airplanes to bomb motorcycles. Especially that the latter constitute very dangerous and solid bases for launching Hezbollah's missiles into the Israeli lands. Trucks, cars, motorcycles, they bomb it all. I just hope they are not targeting all sorts of wheels. Bombing a poor kid bicycling or roller-blading would be a really bad publicity for them. But who cares? International media wouldn't mention it anyways.

We are starting to develop war-habits. Daily routines that keep us going on. Mine: a glass of sparkling water and ice along with chopped carrots and cucumbers. My hands are starting to turn orange due to carotene excess. I do appreciate the color in the core of the grey city that surrounds us… No political insinuations! It simply happens that carrots are orange…


A Carrot-Flavored Lebanese Citizen


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