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This is Beirut is designed to give voice to the millions of Lebanese who are suffering while the world sits silently. We are not interested in propagating hatred. We want the world to witness through the eyes of Lebanese citizens the destruction and the suffering that has been brought on in the name of defense. If you have a story, poem or letter to share, please email We will work together to end this violence.

Monday, July 24, 2006

An appeal from the American University of Beirut to its alumni, friends,

July 23, 2006

Facing the Challenge

The American University of Beirut is once again at the forefront of efforts to
care for those who are suffering in Lebanon. Along with other NGOs, the men and
women affiliated with AUB and its hospital are providing critical services to
those in need. We will do everything we can to take care of those who need our
help. We have done it before. Our commitment to do so is just as strong today.

We expect, however, that the demand for AUB’s services will continue to grow as
more and more families seek refuge in and around Beirut. Today, more than
500,000 men, women, and children have been displaced as a result of the

Dr. Ghassan Hamadeh, director of AUB’s University Health Services, is currently
leading a team of AUB faculty members, students and staff to secure supplies of
medication and to organize volunteers. We are seeking your support for the
following AUB Medical Emergency Fund so that we can continue - and expand -
relief efforts in the following two areas.

1- Medical Supplies

We are hopeful that a humanitarian passageway for much needed supplies will
open soon. We are developing a list of the supplies that we will need. We
expect that these will fall into the following categories: medical narcotics,
antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, anesthesia agents and filters for machines. We
know that some of you have connections with drug companies and other medical
suppliers. We are investigating ways in which AUB might be able to act as a
centralized clearinghouse to facilitate the transport of medications and
medical supplies to Lebanon. If you are able to help with these efforts, please
contact AUB’s New York Office.

2-Volunteer Relief

Donations to this fund will enable volunteers (residents and faculty) to work
with other NGOs to provide onsite healthcare at refugee centers. Volunteers
will also prepare packages of medications or relief material for our mobile
clinics to deliver to refugees; participate in free evening clinics that supply
medications and outpatient care; and participate in health education campaigns.

If you would like to contribute to the AUB Medical Emergency Fund, you can
make a secure on-line gift at or mail your
check to our New York Office, at the address below, payable to: American
University of Beirut / Medical Emergency Fund. If you would like information
on making a wire transfer, you may email me at . You can also
help by forwarding this message to others who might be interested in
contributing to relief efforts.

The University is reassessing its needs on a daily basis. Updates are on the
AUB website.

Please help us help Lebanon. Thank you.

W. Stephen Jeffrey

Vice President for Development and External Relations

American University of Beirut - 3 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 8th Floor - New York,
NY 10017 – U.S.A.

Tel: 212- 583-7600 - Fax: 212-583- 7650


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